About Us

Global Optics (UK) Ltd specialise in the supply of optical materials and precision optics, including lenses, mirrors and prisms in a range of optical and scintillation crystals for all applications – from the UV to the far Infrared.

We also manufacture UV/Visible Light Curing Systems and UV Curable Adhesives for R&D environments and production applications in medical, industrial and optical industries.

Lenses – an outstanding selection of lenses for applications ranging from laser beam collection to precise imaging.

Mirrors – from simple reflectors to complex collection devices

Windows – offering protection to optical systems and electronic sensors from external environments

Prisms –  ranging from traditional viewfinders to customised anamorphic prisms

 We have a genuine commitment to fulfilling the present and future needs of our customers, which is why we continuously strive to develop new and improved products that excel all others in terms of quality, reliability and technical innovation. As well as an extensive range of standardised lenses, mirrors and prisms, Global Optics are able to provide customisable solutions that meet individual application requirements.

We offer dicing and slicing services that enable products to be cut into specific shapes, whilst our lapping and polishing capabilities allow refurbishment or processing of new and free-issue substrates. Edge grinding and chamfering equipment allows for the reduction of lens/mirror/prism diameters, while our coating equipment enables us to apply protective aluminium, gold, silver and metallic mirror finishes to many types of optical component.

We are a UK company with premises in Bournemouth and pride ourselves on high standards, excellent quality and superior service.

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