Global Optics are suppliers of optical materials and precision optics, including lenses, prisms, mirrors and windows in Glass, Fused Silica/Quartz and all other optical and scintillation crystals for all applications from the UV to the far Infrared. We also produce UV/Visible Light Curing Systems and UV Curable Adhesives.

Fused Silica vs Fused Quartz in Precision Optics

Fused Silica vs Fused Quartz in Precision Optics There appears to be some confusion and overlap between the terms “fused silica”, “fused quartz” and “quartz” within precision optics applications. This can become even more confusing when one carries out an internet...

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Germanium – used for lenses, mirrors, windows & prisms   Symbol: Ge Atomic Number: 32 Atomic Weight: 72.64 Classification: Metalloid Phase at Room Temperature: Solid Density: 5.323 grams per cm cubed Melting Point: 938°C, 1720°F Boiling Point: 2833°C, 5131°F...

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