Q1. Why choose Global Optics?

Global Optics is located in Bournemouth, UK where our committed and experienced team have the skills to see your project through from your initial specifications, through the manufacturing process and quality control. We pride ourselves on our strong and ethical working relations with our clients.

We produce precision optics and thermal imaging optical products across a wide range. Talk to us for optical windows, prisms, lenses, mirrors for all applications from the UV to the far Infrared. We also produce UV/Visible Light Curing Systems and UV Curable Adhesives.

Q2. What are your lead times?

Lead times can vary quite widely depending on the complexity of individual projects, but as a general estimate anywhere between 10-30 days. As we are in the UK, we can confidently offer a fast and reliable delivery service within the UK and Europe.

Q3. What are your delivery terms?


Q4. How long do you take to prepare a quote?


Q5. Do you accept visitors at your premises?

Contact us directly to set up an appointment, and we will schedule supplier visits according to your project needs. Pickup arrangements and other requirements can also be organized upon request.

Q6. What are Global Optics specialist areas?

automotive, aeronautics, railway, military, telecommunications, and medical. Although we can work with any industry and do not need to understand the end application to produce high quality specialist precision optical products.

Q7. Can you do prototypes?

Yes, prototyping and sampling is possible. Please call us to discuss your options.

Q8. Can you provide references?

Global Optics have a range of clients worldwide and across a wide range of industries and applications. Talk to us if you require more detailed information or references.