Global Optics Metrology


Underpinning everything we do at Global Optics, and seen by us as the corner stone to our future success is our expanding metrology department. Global Optics has, over the years heavily invested and continues to invest in sophisticated test equipment that will ensure we always meet our customer’s needs. The cutting-edge test equipment we have at Global Optics enables us to test dimensional specifications, flatness, angles, radii and parallelism, as well as transmission. Our metrology department is staffed by a skilled and qualified technician. The department follows Global Optics ISO9001 2015 for Quality Management Systems for full traceability and quality control. Our customers can be confident that all their parts are accurately tested and delivered to specification.


In 2016 we took delivery of our brand-new Perkin Elmer Spectrum 2 and Lambda 365 spectrophotometers. These new machines give us the ability to be able to characterise different optical materials. We specialise in supplying both IR and UV optics components and these cutting-edge machines help us determine the quality of our optical materials.

Perkin Elmer Spectrum 2 allows us to create Transmission curves from 1.2 microns – 25 microns

Perkin Elma Lambda 365 allows us to create Transmission curves from 190 – 1100nm


Dimensional Testing

In 2017 Global Optics purchased its brand new Keyence IM-6225 non-contact measuring machine. The Keyence IM-6225 works by placing a part on the equipment’s measurement stage. Once the part is in place, it is immediately measured using the recorded shape of the part, this allows for all features of a part to be measured simultaneously. This machine gave us the ability to move away from more conventional hand tools such as Vernier’s and Micrometers that could damage the surfaces or edges of your products.

Keyence IM-6225

This year we also took delivery of our brand new Trioptics Prism master. High precision electronic autocollimator with large measuring range and optimized light intensity allows us to achieve outstanding accuracy in a single measurement. This machine gives us the ability to take angle measurements of polygons, prisms and wedges as well as any surface tilt errors there maybe. We can also check wedges and parallelism of optical windows.

Trioptics Prism Master 150

CHRocodile precitec is a high precision distance and thickness measurement machine that allowing us to check your components safely. Again our aim is to moving away from conventional hand tools that can damage components which could have an impact on lead times.

CHRocodile precitec


Our Fisba Optik Interferometer allows us to accurately check the flatness of your components. Interferometry is an important investigation technique in the field of optical metrology and surface profiling. The reference flat qualified to Lambda/20 ensures accurate testing at all times.

Fisba Optik Interferometer