lenses, windows, mirrors, filters and prisms

Quartz has a high optical transparency for a wide range of wavelengths such as UV and infrared. It has a greater optical transparency in shorter wavelength. Quartz also has a high level of purity making it an excellent material for semiconductor processing and liquid crystal manufacturing. It has excellent heat resistance properties,  and also excellent thermal shock resistance from low-thermal expansion. It is highly stable as chemical and has excellent chemical resistance. Quartz offers outstanding electrical properties and a crystal clear appearance. It is used UV-transparent quartz glass optics, UV measuring instruments, industrial glass components and  in medical applications.


Transmission Range 0.15 – 4.5 microns
Crystal Structure Rock Salt
Cleavage Plane 100
Colour colourless
Density 2.648 at 25 °C
Melting Point (°) 1470
Reflection Loss 8.2% (2µ) for 2 surfaces
Solubility index insoluble
Hardness (Knoop) 741.0
Thermal Conductivity (cal/cm sec°C) 0.0255
Thermal Expansion coefficient (/°C) 7.97 x 10-6 (parallel to C axis)
13.37 x 10-6 (vertical to C axis)