Schott Colour Glass Filters

Schott Colour Glass Filters are part of a product range from one of the leading filter glass manufacturers in the world. They can provide virtually any size, shape and quality required by the customer. The range covers more than 60 types including the following types in the visible wavelength range from 200 nm upwards:

  • Band pass filters, which allow required ranges to pass through selectively
  • Long pass filters, which block unwanted shorter wave ranges
  • Short pass filters, which block unwanted longer wave ranges
  • Neutral density filters, which have a virtually constant transparency especially in the visible range
  • Conversion filters, which due to their spectral range increase or reduce the colour temperature of radiation sources


  • Basic glass
  • Ionically coloured glass
  • Colloidally coloured glass

Forms of Supply for Schott Colour Glass Filters

  • Polished filter:
    Filters are available as polished plates or round discs with processed edges. Upon request, they are available thermally strengthened and/ or with protective/ antireflective coating
  • Filter glass prepared:
    – With processessed edges
    Rectangular plates and round discs with matt surfaces and processed edges – Edges not processed
    Rectangular plates and round discs with matt surfaces and edges not processed.
  • Standard formats with non-processed edges:
    Plate sizes 165 x 165 + 3-0 mm
    Plate thickness 3.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm and 4.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm

Dimensions: from 1 mm – 480 mm
Minimum thickness 0.1 mm
Tolerances Up to 0.001 mm
Surface quality Up to P 4 in compl. With DIN IS0 100110

Upon request, we can produce any size and thickness required within the framework of the maximum size permitted by the type of glass required.

Optical glass filters are used in a host of different applications. Optical glass filters are significant components in industrial measurement, control and regulation technology through analytical measuring methods in production, research and development all the way to environment protection and medicine with which to permit or block the transmission of specific spectral ranges.

Filter Glass Types

  • UG Black and blue glass which permits the transmission of UV light
  • BG Blue, blue-green and bandglass
  • VG Green glass
  • GG Yellow glass which permits IR light transmission
  • OG Orange glass which permits IR light transmission
  • RG Red and black glass which permits IR light transmission
  • NG Neutral glass with virtually constant radiation weakening in the visible range
  • N-WG Colourless glass with different cut-off positions in the UV range and which allows IR and visible light transmission
  • KG Virtually colourless glass with high transmission of visible light and absorption of radiation in the IR range
  • FG Blue and brown coloured glass (conversion glass)