Precision optics products and services 

Just some of the precision optics and optical material supplied by Global Optics. We are a UK optical manufacturer of thermal imaging optics, optical filters and optical materials from our facilities in Bournemouth, UK.


Absorbance filters Custom Prism Products Narrow Bandpass Filters
Acrylic Colour Filters Deviation Prisms Neutral Density Filters
Amici Prisms Dichroic Beamsplitters Optical Material Solutions
Anti Reflection Silicon Materials Diffusers – Anti-Newton Glass Polarimeter Filters
Ar Coated Prisms Diffusers – Ground Glass Diffusers Porro Prisms
Ar Coated Sapphire Diffusers – Opal Diffusers Raman Spectroscopy Filters
Aspheric Condenser Lens Dispersion Prisms Right Angle Prisms
Aspheric Fire Polished Lenses Dove Prisms Rotator Dove Prisms
Bespoke Prism Products Equilateral Prisms Ruby Prisms
Blue Filters and Green Filters Fire Polished Lens Sharp cut Filters
Broad Band Filters Heat Absorbing Filters Shortpass Filters
Circular Polarisers Infrared Bandpass Filters Specialist Beamsplitter Prisms
Coated Prisms infrared Optical Lenses Spectroscopy Filters
Coatings IR Polarisers Traditional Viewfinder Prisms
Colour Compensating Filters Light Balancing Filters UV Light Curing Adhesives
Colour Imaging Filters Moulded Aspheric Lenses Wedge Prism
Cornercube Prisms