Zinc Sulphide – Multispectral Grade

lenses, windows, mirrors, filters and prisms

Zinc Sulphide is used for Infrared windows and lenses. The Regular (FLIR) grade is visibly opaque and the Multispectral grade is the water clear form for visible and infrared applications.

Transmission Range 0.37-14.0 µ
Crystal Structure Polycrystalline Cubic
Cleavage Plane None
Colour Colourless
Density 4.09
Melting Point (°)
Reflection Loss 24% (10.6µ) for 2 surfaces
Solubility index 65x10-6/100gm water
Hardness (Knoop) 150-165Kg/mm2
Thermal Conductivity (cal/cm sec°C) 0.27 (W/cm°C)
Thermal Expansion coefficient (/°C) 6.5x10-6/°K

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