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Global Optics UK Revolutionizes Packaging with Creality CR-30: The 3DPrintMill

Martin O'Connor

Oct 11, 2023

3D Printed Packaging

Global Optics UK continues its innovation journey with the adoption of the Creality CR-30, aptly named the 3DPrintMill, in a strategic move to enhance its packaging capabilities. This cutting-edge 3D printing technology opens new avenues for Global Optics UK, allowing the creation of custom packaging for a variety of products using diverse printing materials to ensure safe and secure shipping.

The Creality CR-30: The 3DPrintMill is a revolutionary 3D printer designed for continuous printing, enabling the production of long, continuous prints that are ideal for custom packaging solutions. This innovative technology offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing Global Optics UK to tailor packaging for its scientific optical components with precision and efficiency.

Martin O'Connor, Chief Technology Officer at Global Optics UK, commented on the adoption of the Creality CR-30, stating, "The 3DPrintMill introduces a paradigm shift in how we approach packaging. Its continuous printing capability and compatibility with various materials empower us to create bespoke packaging for our diverse range of optical components. This not only enhances the protection of our products during shipping but also reflects our commitment to sustainable and customized solutions."

With the ability to utilize a variety of printing materials, including biodegradable options, Global Optics UK can align its packaging choices with environmentally conscious practices. This not only contributes to reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials but also demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability.

David Read, CEO of Global Optics UK, highlighted the significance of this technological advancement in the context of the company's commitment to delivering excellence. "The Creality CR-30 allows us to take our packaging to the next level. Our customers trust us for precision optics, and now they can expect the same level of precision and care in the packaging that protects these valuable components during transit."

As Global Optics UK integrates the Creality CR-30 into its operations, the company solidifies its position not only as a leader in scientific optical components but also as an innovator in packaging solutions. The 3DPrintMill's capabilities provide a competitive edge, enabling Global Optics UK to offer tailored and sustainable packaging solutions that align with its dedication to quality and environmental responsibility.

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