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Global Optics UK Precision Soars with Keyence IM-8000 in Optical Quality Control

Martin O'Connor

Dec 5, 2023

Keyence IM -8000

In a strategic move aimed at elevating the precision and quality of its optical components, Global Optics UK has integrated the Keyence IM-8000 system into its optical metrology processes. Spearheaded by CEO David Read and driven by Chief Technology Officer Martin O'Connor, this technological advancement underscores Global Optics UK's commitment to delivering cutting-edge optical solutions.

The Keyence IM-8000, celebrated for its advanced imaging capabilities and rapid measurements, now plays a central role in Global Optics UK's quality control protocols. This integration enhances the inspection and verification of crucial optical parameters across a spectrum of applications, from lens manufacturing to thin film coatings.

Martin O'Connor, Global Optics UK's Chief Technology Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the implementation, stating, "Our pursuit of excellence in optical technology demands state-of-the-art solutions. The Keyence IM-8000 aligns seamlessly with our vision, offering unparalleled accuracy in optical metrology. This investment not only reinforces our dedication to quality but also positions us as innovators in the optical industry."

David Read, CEO of Global Optics UK, emphasized the importance of such technological advancements in maintaining the company's competitive edge. "We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality optical components. The integration of the Keyence IM-8000 is a testament to our dedication to precision and innovation," remarked Read.

The Keyence IM-8000's capabilities in conducting swift and precise measurements ensure that each optical component leaving Global Optics UK's production line adheres to the stringent standards set by the company. This strategic integration with the latest optical metrology technology solidifies Global Optics UK's position as a leader in the scientific optical components and materials sector.

For more information about Global Optics UK's metrology equipment and the comprehensive metrology services they provide, please contact us . As the company continues to push boundaries in optical technology, this adoption of the Keyence IM-8000 sets new benchmarks for precision and quality, contributing to the global advancement of optical technology.

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